Dnipro on the Dnieper

The first time I came upon this view, thanks to my good friend who lives here in Dnipro, I knew it was a special spot. 

Located on a small island in the Dnieper river, the vista shows the city of Dnipro as far as the eye can see. 

We came back the next day with my full gearbag, and I wanted to shoot a panorama here.

The river was in the process of freezing over, and had frozen significantly just overnight. Capturing this change was a nice treat; the timing was just right, by mere luck.

I love the fluffy, soft snow atop of the rock ledge that leads down to the river, more than 20 feet below. 

This shot was not without challenges! It was a freezing night, and while setting up my tripod, I kneeled down and popped the main zipper in my winteer coat. 

Luckily, it also has buttons which saved my bacon on that night! Otherwise I would have had to cut my shoot short and find a warm place, fast!

As if the broken zipper in freezing conditions was not enough of a challenge, the temperature was fluctuating between freezing and above freezing, so there was either tiny snowfall or light rainy mist constantly falling. 

I had to retake several of the shots due to too many spots on the lens. I kept this one, as you can see with still many water spots on the lens, because it represents the challenges of shooting in this type of condition. It was my only night to be in this place, and I wanted to walk away with one panorama of Dnipro.

I also think, due to the cold, I was rushing a little, and ended up with some distortion on the very left of the original image (a panorama of 3 images), which I cropped out for this final version.

Thus, while I would love to come back and re-shoot this, I am sharing it with you all to show the beauty of Ukraine at this time of year, and the challenges of the conditions, as represented by the water spots you can see in the sky and over the buildings. The imperfections add to the character and mood of Dnipro on the Dnieper.

A contrast of beautiful nature and a bustling mature city beyond, this shot, to me, showcases two beautiful aspects of Dnipro, which I came to fall in love with after my short stay there.

Canon 6D
TS-E 17mm f/4L
30.0 sec at f / 16
ISO 100